Why Ferment?

Its a good question: why would you make sauerkraut, kimchi, miso or traditional pickles at home? Simply put, because eating live fermented foods keeps us healthy! Foods that have probiotics promote diversity among microbial cultures in our bodies. Another reason fermentation is so cool is because it is the opposite of homogenization & uniformity. Think about it: eating food that has live wild cultures is very different than food that has been sterilized & pasteurized. Another reason to ferment at home is because it is easy! And lastly, fermenting is ancient and is a counterweight to the rise of fast food and fast life & it continues local food traditions.
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Our Crocks

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If you love to ferment sauerkraut, kimchi and pickled vegetables at home, our handcrafted ceramic fermenting crocks are perfect! They are handmade and come in various sizes. Each crock has a ceramic weight to hold the vegetables submerged under water — so they ferment. Our stoneware crocks are made with thick sides for good temperature regulation and they are fired to a very high temperature for durability.

The best tool to create handcrafted slow fermented food is to use a handcrafted fermentation crock!

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